House Siding Colors in CT

Choosing House Siding Colors in Connecticut

Picking and choosing house siding colors for your Connecticut home is sometimes no easy task. In most cases everyone likes to be safe with a color choice. That means they are thinking about re sale. With hundreds of vinyl siding and trim colors to choose from we are confident you will find a color that will please you. Some points to consider when selecting vinyl siding colors are:

  • Use the all the color view finders on our website to help guide you to some preferred colors
  • What colors do your neighbors have? So you don’t repeat or copy them
  • Your style of home. Some home styles don’t work well with all colors
  • Take note of your roof color. Does your roof color go well or accent the siding color?
  • Do you live in high traffic area where lighter colors will show more dirt?
  • On darker colors that are more subject to fade, Be sure you have a good fade warranty from the siding manufacturer

Your local Connecticut vinyl siding contractor can help you greatly with vinyl siding color choices. It’s a good practice to look at a large sample of vinyl siding when making final siding color choices. Also be sure to look at the colors outside in the sunlight and the shade so you have a good range of what the colors will look like on your home. We can help you find the best Connecticut vinyl siding company for your project.

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